17 May 2007

This Year Meets Last Year

While I've been spending a lot of time working on the side garden/veggie garden project, I haven't much discussed the reclaiming of the front garden.

Past - May 2006

front garden

side angle of the front garden

Present - May 2007

one year later, front of house

This one-year-later photo is taken about two weeks earlier in the gardening season and the front lawn hasn't filled out quite as much.

We've gotten rid of the pine tree through an "accident" with a bobcat. The foundation planting of evergreens and an unknown shrub was also a casualty of the foundation waterproofing, as were many of the plants in the mid-section of the garden. Slowly, but surely, we're going to be filling this garden back in and coming up with some sort of plan.

I've planted a mock orange to the left of the front stairway and a lilac to the left near the fence. It's going to take several years for them to grow and fill out.

I'm contemplating a dwarf burning bush for the left front of the house, and some other small shrubbery or large perennials for the centre underneath the window.


Ottawa Gardener said...

What is it with construction workers and plants? I had a friend that said instead of placing a large miter (sp?) on top of a slab of concrete, or a bare patch of earth - two alternative spots nearby - they choose a row of birdcherries? Why oh why? I guess waterproofing would me removing shrubbery as further protection or because it was in the way?

Coneflower is a nice big perennial that fills in quickly.

I heard about the patchy frost...

Pendullum said...

Looking forward to watching your garden grow...