04 May 2007


The marathon gardening project of 2007 has begun with the arrival of dirt.

Here's where we last saw the old driveway. One final photo before the arrival of dirt.

Goodbye driveway

Bella and Bubaloo were at school when the dump truck of dirt arrived. Being that I was pretty amazed by the process of dumping 12 cubic yards of dirt, I really do wish the kids could have been home to see it.

12 cubic yards of topsoil

This is what 12 cubic yards of dirt looks like. I measured and calculated. The person at the dirt place calculated with my measurements, but I'm not quite sure that we have enough dirt to achieve a 5 inch depth.

Then, it was time to get the much. I opted for shredded pine mulch and now our driveway smells like a christmas tree forest.

mulch #1

I rented a truck and unloaded not one, but two loads of mulch all by myself! This is what a truck full of mulch looks like.

truck full of mulch

I'm pretty proud of that. Although, my body doth protest this morning. And it protests even more when I tell it we have to go purchase a wheel barrow to start moving the dirt and mulch.

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Pendullum said...

That is pretty cool...
Mulch ado about everything...