31 May 2007

The Poppies Have Popped

The first poppy has peeked its head and has popped for the 2007 season. I was so excited that it chose to make its appearance this morning that I called the kids and Wifey to abandon their breakfasts and come to the window to admire it.

1st poppy of 2007

Sigh. I love poppies.

None of the poppies I winter sowed survived. Not because they didn't germinate, but um, because I failed to take off the top of the container when it got unusually hot one day early in the spring and I cooked 'em good. Real good. Totally to a burnt crisp.

In other garden news, my tomatoes are thriving. They survived the frost and are loving their digs in my new lasagna garden. I can almost taste the warm tomato sandwiches and pots of tomato sauce.

tomatoes in new digs

I also tried my hand yesterday at an annual flower arrangement. It actually took me nearly an hour to put this arrangement together. Once I saw the ornamental kale which I've always wanted to work with but never had, the rest of the arrangement was put together to compliment it. I like it. And, that's what matters.


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Anthony said...

Did someone say warm tomato sandwiches?!? Mmmm...

Lasagna gardening is the way to go. I've been doing that for a few years now by adding shreded leaves and compost on top of my garden beds every fall. The soil in the beds is now perfect for growing tomato sandwiches... I mean tomato plants. :)