23 May 2007

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Coolest Dude of All?

Hair makes a man. Or rather, it's just been discovered that a mod hawk can turn a 9-year-old into the coolest dude on the playground.

It was time for a haircut this past weekend, and Wifey and I convinced Bubaloo that a little something more, something a little spikey in the middle that would deviate from the regular sheep-shearing of his head would be a little bit better. And, cooler. He agreed to let us try out a tiny faux hawk.

While I recognize that the mod hawk is a little dated, and that I pined after a girl with a mod hawk during grad school which was over 3 years ago now, this is a fun and manageable haircut for a kid.

In Bubaloo's own words, his hair has transformed his life. This kid, Landon, who is apparently awesome cause he knows how to do a back flip, played with Bubaloo at school and actually thinks he's cool (and now, not just cause of the hair). The hair was an 'in' to building a friendship that he had started in the winter.

When he was playing by himself earlier this week at the play structure, I caught him entertaining himself in the mirror. He was moving and grooving while checking out his do. He was making googly eyes like a love bird to himself.

Hair, whether it's for girls or boys, plays a big role in self-esteem and concept. Hair is social capital.

Bubaloo has
been walking with his head higher, his shoulders straighter and has been strutting around more comfortable in his own skin since his haircut. He hasn't got in a single fight, has been controlling his temper, working better with his peers and actually is looking forward to school. He's not being teased.

I don't know how long the mod hawk infused confidence will last. My only complaint is that ever since the hair transformation, Bubaloo has ceased to blow me kisses from the school bus in the morning.

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