09 September 2007

The Big Reveal

It's fixed. It's lovely. Thank goodness.

Introducing the newest structure in our garden....the fence!

At the right hand side of the house.

fence at righthand side of house

And a close up demonstrating how the great garden fence can compliment the kids' basketball net.


A look at the fence on the left side of the house.

fence at lefthand side of the house

Zooming in on the new step at the side entrance. Disregard the roses that have been sitting in containers since the end of July waiting to be dug into their new homes. They're being moved this weekend.

side entrance step

The final product.

whole garden fence

The fence was custom designed by Wifey and myself. We want to be able to build gardens that people can peek at as they pass by. We opted to have a gate on both sides of the house to allow for easy circulation.

We're planning on growing a rose up the arbour.

The poochie is loving his new digs. He can go outside and wander to his heart's content. He's been out there for over 30 minutes this morning. A large part of his new found fascination with the backyard is that he's discovered he can eat cherry tomatoes directly off of the plant.

This marks the completion of my 2007 garden projects. Whew! Next year we'll be installing more hardscaping in the side garden with some pathways.

And, just ignore the garden on the front lawn. We spent the summer focusing on getting rid of the wild violet. We're part of the way there. The garden is such a disaster, I don't know where to begin...and I won't be beginning anything else until next summer.


Gawdess said...

It's looking really good!

DaniGirl said...

Hmmm, I am rather disappointed that I can't see the pix, because the description is tantalizing and lovely! But if I ever caught the dog eating my precious cherry tomatoes right off the plant, I'd skin her alive!!!

hw said...

Oh no, you can't see the photos? Hrmmm, I'll have to look into that one.