18 March 2007

Queer politics for 12 and under

Sometimes when you talk to your children about that which is queer and queer-related, you're not really sure if they understand, how much they absorb, adopt or appropriate as politics of their own. Discussions regarding all things LGBTQ are common place in our home. And, every once in a while you hear your nuggets of wisdom come out of someone else's mouth.

At the breakfast table heaped with pancakes and sausages, this conversation was heard.

Neighbour boy: Does your dog, Gus, have a girlfriend?

Wifey: Well, there’s Chloe…a shitsu…but she doesn’t like Gus as much as he likes her. Then there’s Maggie who lives next door.

Me: Gus also has some boyfriends too. Remember Deuce and Sunny from the dog park?

Bella: Our dog is a bisexual. That means he likes both boys and girls.

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