25 March 2007

Grow tomatoes grow!

This year, I'm growing tomatoes from seed.

I've become fascinated with the thoughts of eating sun-warmed tomatoes freshly picked off the plant from the garden. I've also started to nourish the desire to dabble in heirloom tomatoes.

leaning piles of tomatoes

One of the challenges I foresee with this project is that I don't have grow lights. We do have, however, a fabulous south facing window that gets lots of sun. Of course, it's been rainy and overcast since the seeds have germinated and that's why they're doing this big stretch towards any hint of light.


Anthony said...

Great looking seedlings. A little leaning isn't a big deal as long as you rotate the tray every once in while.

What kind of seed trays are those? They look pretty cool. I see the water gauge so I'm guessing they're self-watering?

Humpty Dumpty House said...

Sorry for the late reply. I just never thought to check if anyone had yet found my blog.

They're these trays from Lee Valley. You can find them here: