10 March 2009

Down With the Greenhouses

Tonight at the dinner table Bubaloo was on a comedian kick. Unintentionally comedic, albeit quite funny.

"Nay with the greenhouse gases!!!" he extolled.

"Yay for those who destroy greenhouses!!!!!"

This makes you think about how we, as adults, name things and how kids use this to make sense of the world.

All I can imagine is my little boy wearing big ole rubber boots with a hammer running around the neighbourhood threatening to destroy the evil, bad, polluting greenhouses.

We clarified the metaphor for him, but he still seemed a little confused and couldn't quite comprehend how the earth's atmosphere is similar to that of a greenhouse.


Ottawa Gardener said...

It is confusing. I rather like the metaphor of the earth as a spaceship. Lay that one on him!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Oh and you were at Seedy Saturday? Next year, we gotta meet up. Maybe I can make you famous with your picture on my blog (she laughs overly giddily at herself).