08 December 2008

Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Bella had a boyfriend. He lasted all of three days.

On Friday, this boy arrived at school as a new student. Early Monday, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. On Wednesday they broke up.

For three whole days she was in boyfriend bliss and Bubaloo was horribly upset by the injustice of it all. His sister liked a boy, a person she knew nothing about, and somehow managed to call him “boyfriend.”

Since September, Bubaloo has been pining for a girl. She first dated one of the Justins in his class. When they broke up, he was too shy to make a move, so she’s now the girlfriend of one of the Austins.

Bubaloo knows everything about this girl. He knows her favourite colour. He knows what games she likes to play. He knows what she likes about school. But most of all he knows her favourite snack is Golden Oreo Cakesters.

While this girl is still entangled in a grade school relationship with one of the Austins, Bubaloo let it slip to this girl that he has a crush on her. He really likes her. A lot. And today he’s putting a plan in action to win her affection through food.

I wish I could tell you that he came up with this plan himself. I wish I could tell you that he begged and he pleaded this weekend to make it happen. But I can’t.

It was Wifey who planted the seed that Bubaloo should try to woo her with Golden Oreo Cakesters. She came back from the grocery store with this treat and promptly packed him two in his lunch today. She’s given the explicit instruction that one is for him and one for her.

Admittedly, while I’ve not been active in the hatching of this diabolical plan, I’ve been pretty complicit as I’ve chosen take the path of amusement rather than one of intervention.

We the parents are heavily involved in a scheme to break up two kids so that our little one can have a girlfriend. He’ll either come home with a phone number or a black eye tonight.

Update: Bubaloo gave her the treat. In return he got her phone number with a note that says "call me cutey," only cutey is spelled as culy. She's still dating one of the Austins. When he called her tonight he wasn't allow to speak to her. Her mother says she's grounded.


DrSpouse said...

That's hilarious, do you think she's grounded because she flirted with your son while she was going out with one of the Austins??!

(and just how many Justins and Austins are there??!)

hw said...

I think she's grounded for something - my son is in a behavioural class and she is, too - that I can only imagine could be similar to the type of antics my son tries to pull (highly unlikely related to this...I hope!)

In a class of 12 kids, get this...there are 2 Justins and 3 Austins. I know!

Ottawa Gardener said...

I was wondering about the names too like maybe this was a class of clones? The Augstins, the Justins, the Aidans and the Emmas?

The heartbreak of grade school. Ah, the bad memories.

Ernesta said...

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I hope your little one finds true love in the New Year!
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