01 October 2008

The Edu-muh-cation of RKW

Last night around the kitchen table, Wifey was telling her favourite joke. "Pass the honey...honey. Pass the sugar...sugar. Pass the tea...bag." I groan. This kids think it's hilarious. Wifey thinks she's a comedian.

After pleading courses of "tell it again, Mommy!" Wifey acquiesced and told it with a newfie twist.

At the end of the joke, Bella asked what a newfie was, and we responded that it was someone from Newfoundland.

To keep her on the toes of her geography skills, we asked her to tell us where Newfoundland is.

Bella: It's east, east of here. I'm sure.

Mommies: Good job sweetie!

Bella: I read in a book once that it's close to Australia.

Mommies: Um, no. I think you might be confusing Newfoundland with New Zealand.

And then, she tried to argue with us about the location of this Canadian province. Unless there's be some sudden tectonic plate shifts we don't know about, I'm pretty sure that when I woke up this morning Newfoundland was a couple of thousand kilometers to the east, not tens of thousands of kilometers.


Ottawa Gardener said...

Ah yes. My soon-to-be 5 year old insists that really I don't know what I'm talking about and 'insert fact' is actually 'something out of a strange five year old fantasy encyclopedia'.

hw said...

I know! It's both simultaneously fascinating and infuriating.